India Zoo Risk: Zoonotic diseases affecting India's forest dependent communities

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India Zoo Risk+ is a One Health project investigating zoonotic diseases (that spread from animals to humans) in India. Zoonotic diseases disproportionately affect poor tropical communities and can lead to loss of life, impaired livelihoods and health and welfare issues. Forest habitats are a significant source of such diseases, yet poor communities may depend on accessing forests for food, fuel and income.

Zoonotic diseases are increasing globally. However, we lack knowledge on how these diseases circulate between wildlife, livestock and people, and how environmental changes, like forest degradation, interact with human movement, local culture and policy to lead to increased human cases of disease.

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The  IndiaZooRisk+ project is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), grant number MR/T029846/1. It is an inter-disciplinary project involving ecologists, social and environmental scientists, epidemiogists, Public Health and Animal Health experts from India and the UK.



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