Professional summary

Research Interests

Dr Darshan is a Biotechnologist with doctoral experience in microbial genetics and molecular biology, As a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the MonkeyFeverRisk -Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) research team. His expertise involves disease surveillance and analysis using epidemiological modelling tools, GIS tools and spatial statistics. He is also involved in designing the field data collection protocols, supervision of data collection, understanding Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus biology, addressing infection mechanisms, host-virus interaction, management and laboratory analysis. 

As a Research Scientist with Department of Health and family welfare services (DHFWS), GOK, he was working in the interface of science and policy to create an efficient network of stakeholders building a robust One Health ecosystem for Kyasanur Forest Disease research. while working closely with the government and other partners on developing a predictive framework for examining KFD disease incidence, environmental factors, land-use change for biodiversity and human health he has co-developed a KFD Decision support tool (DST) He was a member of the KFD Technical Advisory committee (2018-2022) of DHFWS, Government of Karnataka