Professional summary

Research Interests

My primary research interests revolve around disease and molecular ecology, wildlife health and one-health. I hope to be able to apply my research interests in the areas of large mammal and endangered species conservation, and wildlife and ecological health. Related areas of interest include to explore and understand effect of anthropogenic environmental pressures on disease dynamics and wildlife health, and manifestations of stress on immunity, reproduction and neurobiology in wild and captive populations. I hope to understand the consequence of the above on human health further, and study mechanisms and systems that help in maintaining ecological and environmental health at large. Understanding the web of public health maintenance through conservation medicine, ecological health and the one-health approach being crucial in current times, I hope to be able to contribute to species conservation by expanding knowledge of public health care in neglected and zoonotic diseases, and be able to integrate the understanding of this critical interconnectedness in maintenance of ecological health and one-health.