Training course: One Health, data and models for zoonotic disease management

The project partnerships developed through the India Zoo Risk and India Zoo Systems projects have together developed a One Health, data and models for zoonotic disease management training course. 

The course was originally delivered online over 3 sessions that took place between November 2021 – January 2022, delivering approximately 21 hours of training.

The course was a blended course delivered through live interactive Zoom sessions and learning resources on our online learning portal, UK Learn Worlds.

Course Objectives

The course aims to enable the user to:

  • Describe the One Health concept and understand how to apply it  to management or research on zoonotic diseases in India

  • Summarise the many advantages of a closer cooperation between human health, animal health and environment sectors for zoonotic disease management

  • Identify key challenges and opportunities in putting One Health into operation

  • Develop ideas for inter-disciplinary approaches that can solve every day One Health problems that you may have in your work area

  • Understand the range of different models and data that you can apply to zoonotic diseases in different epidemiological scenarios

  • Identify key data and knowledge that you can bring  together across the human health, animal health and environmental sectors to better understand, predict and manage zoonotic diseases

  • Gain hands-on, practical experience of modelling geographical and temporal data for zoonotic diseases to answer different questions relevant to management

  • Share experiences and develop ideas for how models and data for zoonotic diseases could better inform disease management and policy